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Currently available in the EAFO Shipping section:

  • Statistics and information on LNG Bunkering for vessels (Port Infrastructure, LNG Bunkering)
  • Statistics on Onshore Power Supply (OPS) for vessels (Port Infrastructure, OPS data)
  • Background information, standards and rules for OPS for vessels (Port Infrastructure, OPS technology)
  • Statistics of "LNG fueled vessels" where data is available for vessels:

    1) new and converted vessels (per year, per operating area and per vessel type)

    2) the development of the LNG fuelled FLEET. 



Context: how many seagoing vessels are there?

Equasls is a multi-country initiative to provide information on the safety and quality of the global fleet. Statistics are provided on the global fleet composition, ship types, age distribution and sizes. 

Below is a table which provides an overview of the composition of the global fleet in ship types and sizes.

Global fleet