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OPS projects realised

OPS for ferries Port of Kiel

OPS Port of Kiel

Since spring 2019, the Color Line ferries are able to connect to onshore-power so that each vessel’s diesel generators can be decommissioned during its docking time and thus the stay in Kiel becomes a pollution-free one.

The vessels “Color Fantasy” and “Color Magic” of the Norwegian shipping company Color Line connect Kiel and Oslo on a daily basis. They arrive at 10 a.m. and cast off again at 2 p.m. The annual electricity consumption during their time in port amounts to about 4 million kilowatt hours. The Norwegenkai onshore-power supply plant has a maximum power rating of 4.5 megawatts (MW) at 10 kilovolt (KV) and a network frequency of 50 hertz (Hz). Read more......


OPS for RoRo Ferries at Rotterdam Harbor

OPS RoRo Rotterdam

Stena Line, one of the largest ferry operators in the world, has upgraded its existing shore-to-ship power connection with ABB’s wireless based communication system at its Dutch terminal in the Hoek of Holland. The innovative solution will facilitate the speed and enhance safety of port operations.

When approaching the harbor, the ship establishes communication with the electrical substation at the port. An innovative onboard remote control system is used to safely operate the cable system, ensuring that the shore-to-ship power system is ready to operate within seconds of its arrival.

The terminal where the installation will be deployed, caters Roll-on/Roll-off ferries, where ships are designed for speed of operations when at port. Wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, trailers, rail cars can roll directly on or off the ship within minutes of docking. ABB’s latest solution will further enhance efficiency at the Stena Line Ro-Ro terminal in Hoek of Holland. Read more....



OPS projects under construction

OPS for cruiseships Port of Bergen (Norway)

OPS project Port of Bergen

“We are building a shore power facility that will supply three cruise vessels with power simultaneously. The aim is for the facility to be ready at the beginning of the cruise season in 2020. Furthermore, with the support of the municipality of Bergen, a more limited facility that will serve one cruise vessel at a time will be ready by 2019” as explained by the Port Director Johnny Breivik.

Bergen is Norway’s largest cruise port and the fourth largest in Europe. Throughout 2018 342 cruise vessels will have visited Port of Bergen, which is an increase of about 31 vessels from the previous year. Vessels that dock at Port of Bergen emit large quantities of particles, NOX and CO2, and the motivation for the joint company is to reduce these emissions as soon as possible. Read more.....