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Leaf and the others

Created: 2016-05-04 09:28 | Last change: 2016-05-05 10:35

The Italian PEV passenger car market continues on the slow lane, having registered only 149 units in April which, nevertheless, represented a 34% improvement over the same month last year.

The Nissan Leaf is by far Italy’s favorite EV, leading the ranking, both in April (46 units) and Year-to-date (228), followed at a distance by the recent BMW 225xe Active Tourer (138 units this year).

A word of mention to the Tesla Model S, delivering 20 units in April, which allowed it to be Third in April, only behind the aforementioned Leaf and the Second Placed VW Golf GTE (22 units), which represents its fourth consecutive month in the two digits area, the best deliveries streak ever for the American car.