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EAFO Release Notes - September 2019

Created: 2019-09-28 18:13 | Last change: 2019-12-19 16:43

To bring the best service to our respected users, EAFO tries her very her best to constantly update data and features and keeps on adding new functionality to this portal as well.  This september we brought another major update online, which we want to inform our users about. 

So what were the most important updates on EAFO? 

  • Important announcement Fast Chargers:
    You may have noticed a change in the figures for electric recharging points installed across Europe. This is due to a large review exercise that eliminated double-counting of CCS and CHAdeMo DC chargers. We have recounted the number of recharging points deployed in Europe, in order to better reflect the actual availability of unique charging interfaces to EV-users. In particular, this recounting exercise focused on eliminating double-counting of CCS and CHAdeMO DC fast chargers ( > 22 kW ). 

    According to the definition in the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (2014/94/EU), a ‘recharging point’ means an interface that is capable of charging one electric vehicle at a time. In practice, almost all (non Tesla) DC fast chargers offer both CCS and CHAdeMO charging capability. However, since the CCS and CHAdeMO plug cannot be used at the same time, recharging points that offer both can effectively only recharge one electric vehicle at a time.

    We acknowledge that, in a small amount of cases, recharging points offer only CCS or CHAdeMO charging capability, though this is currently the exception.Our sources do not yet, however, permit to single out those cases. In order to represent the actual deployment of rechargers as accurately as possible in attendance thereof, it has been decided in agreement with the European Commission to report the number of DC fast chargers per country in the following way: 

    “(Highest number of CCS/CHAdeMO reported) + Type-2 AC + Tesla Superchargers”.

    As soon as our data allows us to better distinguish between the types of fast chargers, we will adjust the figures accordingly.
  • Updates on the Alternative Fuels Station Map:
    • The Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) from were added to the EAFO map. is the most reliable source for HRS location data in Europe and is supported by the FCH-JU.
    • LNG Bunkering locations for shipping were added.
    • On-Shore Power Supply (OPS) locations for shipping was added to the map as well.
  • Overview of the data updates:
    At the top right of the portal, a button [Data updated] was added, which links to the page
    On this page users will be informed when which data was updated on country and vehicle/AF fuel category level.

  • An extra on-page filter for BEV/PHEV:
    At the Vehicles & Fleet, Passenger Cars page (Filter: Electricity, European Union) an on-page filter was added to the graph TOP 5 COUNTRIES AF MARKET SHARE NEW REGISTRATIONS Electricity (2019), so now it is possible to differentiate between BEV and PHEV.

  • EAFO RSS-feed:
    An RSS-feed of EAFO's news items has been added to the News section: