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Tesla Model 3 = Best Selling Car (Of Any Type) several European countries

Created: 2019-04-18 10:53 | Last change: 2019-04-18 11:28

The Tesla Model 3 has popped into numerous headlines for its various sales records and titles. It was the #1 luxury car in the USA in Q1 2019, the #1 small or midsize luxury car in 2018, the #1 electric vehicle in the USA in Q1 2019 and all of 2018.

Still, despite those accomplishments and more, the recent news out of three European countries was quite shocking — or, two of them were.

Tesla wasn’t just the #1 electric vehicle or #1 small or midsize luxury vehicle or #1 luxury vehicle in these three countries. It was the #1 top selling vehicle in March.

We’ve reported on the countries individually, but had yet to tie them all together to highlight that the Model 3 was #1 in three countries. The car was #1 in Norway, and Tesla accounted for a whopping 31% of Norway’s total passenger auto sales. The car was #1 in the Netherlands. The car was also #1 in Switzerland. Below are the charts of plug-in vehicle sales.

Norway  Netherlands


As far as the Model 3 versus other top sellers (of all fuel types), these were the top two vehicles for each of these markets in March (+ registration totals):


  1. Tesla Model 3 — 5,315
  2. VW e-Golf — 894


  1. Tesla Model 3 — 2,195
  2. Ford Focus — 1,187