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Procurement webpage of the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine including information on the general Governmental strategy for clean vehicles central governmental portal for public procurement including tenders for the purchase of vehicles national organization on energy efficiency (IDAE) website with a vehicle database regarding energy and environmental efficiency including a vehicle ranking tool according to the Spanish energy labelling system for vehicles information campaign on environmental friendly vehicle mobility funded by the RACC Automobile Club including the so-called “ecotest”-database showing the environmental impact of various types of cars geo-information system of the Ministry of Finance, Tourisms and Commerce displaying the lion-share of public and private Spanish vehicles refuelling infrastructure webpage displaying various information around the implementation of bio-diesel in road transport in Spain, i.e. a geo-information tool for finding refuelling stations, a list of heavy good vehicles certified for bio-diesel website with detailed information  and news on Clean vehicles including a database of refuelling stations Spanish web portal on green road mobility web-blog of the SAREC project, an initiative proposed eco-sustainable rental of electric cars as a transport system Euskadi public Spanish webpage of the EU funded project BEST for the promotion of bio-ethanol and bio-diesel in road transport webpage with recharging stations for electro vehicles in Spain