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Procurement; webpage of the Romanian Ministry of Transport and infrastructure with general information and data of road transport/traffic. webpage of the Romanian Automobile Registry with a pollution tax calculator, certified workshops for LPG vehicles, etc. webpage of the Romanian Ministry of Finance with information on vehicle taxation  webpage of the Romanian Minister of Environment and Forests with general information on vehicle environmental emission in Romania webpage of the Romanian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with i.e. data on the national emission inventory related to road transport webpage of the Romanian Environmental Fund Administration with information on the funding system for car fleet renewable webpage of the National Institute for Environmental Research and Development managing the air emission assessment webpage of the national authority for regulating and monitoring public procurement  webpage of the Romanian National Council for Solving Complaints in Public Procurement Romanian Electronic System for Public Procurement – ESPP with tenders i.e. for vehicle procurement Romanian version of the top ten internet portal with clean vehicle ranking and further information on clean vehicle standards Romanian commercial information portal including news on vehicle taxation and other fiscal issues relevant for clean vehicles