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Procurement webpages with all laws and regulation on vehicle and biofuel taxation webpage of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) with information on environmental friendly mobility webpage of IMTT - Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres with information on road mobility and clean vehicles webpage of the AgĂȘncia Nacional de Compras PĂșblicas with special references to GPP and the purchase of vehicles procurement portal BASE which is run jointly by the Institute of Construction and Property (INCI ) and the Agency National Procurement ( ANCP ) with vehicle tender database tool Guide Economy Fuel is part of an information system for consumers, particularly to buyers of new cars by allowing them to make an informed choice and informed about the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions webpage for the project Eco-driving Portugal which is a pioneer project of national scope that aims to promote the adoption of more efficient driving habits and safe, with a view to reducing fuel consumption and emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases Portuguese version of the EU top ten portal with a ranking of cars concerning their environmental performance webpage of the Portuguese car association partly with information on clean vehicles webpage of the APVGN with information and statistics related to the use of CNG vehicles webpage of the Portuguese Association of Electric Vehicle (APVE) with information and data on e-mobility in Portugal webpage that list LPG refuelling stations webpage with recharging stations for electro vehicles in Portugal