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Procurement webpage of Norwegian Ministry of Finance describing the green vehicle tax system webpage of the Norwegian statistical bureau with vehicle statistics webpage of the environmental organisation ZERO aiming to promote renewable fuels and emission-free technology especially in transport geoinformation system of refuelling stations for biodiesel and E85 flexifuel webpage of GRIP - Green in Practice which is a Norwegian foundation promoting sustainable consumption and production webpage of the Norwegian Hydrogen Road - project for the introduction of hydrogen as fuel for transportation webpage of the Grønn Bil project in Norway with detailed information and statistics on electro mobility in the country (including a geo-information system on recharging plugs) as well as a Total Cost calculator for EVs ( Link to Norwegian Public Procurement Act webpage of Statoil with information on refuelling infrastructure online cost calculator for a used imported car will be charged (fees are linked to the import price, age, weight, CO2 emissions) online cost calculator that calculates the fees as a new car will be charged. Here you see the size of various one-time charges. These are weight tax, motor tax and CO2 tax (or the stroke volume required) online fuel cost calculator presenting also CO2 tax elements