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15-05-2018 updated
Capital: Berlin
Population: 81,276,000
Total land area (km2): 357,121 km2
Passenger cars: 43,851,000
Highway (km): 12,845 km
Total fleet of passenger cars per alternative fuel.

Total number AF vehicles (M1) (2019)

Total number of AF infrastructure per type of fuel

Total number AF infrastructure (M1) (2019)

Plugin Electric Vehicles per public charging point

PEV's per public charging point (2019)

Growth of total fleet passenger cars per alternative fuel

Growth AF vehicles fleet (M1) (2019)

Growth of charging/filling points per alternative fuel

Growth AF infrastructure (M1) (2019)

Fast public charging points ( >= 22 kW) per 100 km highway

Fast public charging points per 100 km highway (2019)