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Procurement webpage of the Finish Ministry of Transport and Communication with general information and links related to clean vehicles The website of Finland’s environmental administration with overall information on environmental policy and green public procurement. webpage of the Finish Custom Authorities with detailed information on the Finish vehicle tax system webpage of the Finish Traffic safety agency with statistic on vehicles and vehicle emission new car consumption data base Finish webpage of the IEE funded top ten project with ranking of cars according to their environmental performance webpage of the TransEco framework project on green vehicle technology and fuels webpage of the Finish Public Procurement Advisory Unit webpage of Motiva Services Ltd. a specialist company, which encourages energy and materials efficient and sustainable use including green public procurement which shows a high amount of information on clean vehicle webpage for green public procurement and green purchase of private entities operated by Motiva Services Ltd. webpage of the state owned joint procurement company Hansel Oy webpage of the joint procurement company KL-Kuntahankinnat Oy webpage describing the Nordic Swan product quality system including criteria lists for vehicle tires and biofuels webpage information about the new biofuel E10 for cars Webpage containing guidance and criteria for 14 procurement areas