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Biogasoline refilling infrastructure:

E10 refilling infrastructure is widely available in France, Finland and Belgium (source: ePure), E10 is a gasoline grade that contains up to 10% (in volume) renewable ethanol.

  • In France, E10 was introduced in 2009 and is the main petrol grade sold at the pump – 42.7% of the petrol market in September 2018

  • In Finland, E10 was introduced in 2011 to replace 95- E5 and reached a petrol market share of 68% in 2017

  • In Belgium, E10 was introduced in 2017 to replace 95-E5, reaching a petrol market share of 78.5% at the end of the year 2017

E85 information will follow.


Biodiesel refilling infrastructure: data is being collected


Biomethane for transport refilling infrastructure: data is being collected