Friday, December 2, 2016 to Saturday, December 3, 2016
Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

“Greening the Islands” is a traveling international conference aiming at finding sustainability solutions for islands. Due to their fragile environment and the need to protect their resources, islands are natural laboratories for climate change adaptation and integrated solutions concerning energy, water, waste and mobility. “Greening the Islands” supports the implementation of investments in these important segments of the green economy, and promotes the diffusion of technology innovation and best practices, that can be replicated in countless islands around the world and in remote locations in general.

Already the 2014 edition of “Greening the Islands” in Pantelleria, saw the participation of many Mediterranean islands representatives. The 2015 edition was a much larger event, with the contribution of even more Mediterranean islands for a three-day conference in Malta. In 2016, the third edition of the conference will take place in the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, an oceanic location that underlines the success of the initiative and the global relevance of issues concerning islands. In consideration of the huge relevance of the migrants’ crisis in the Mediterranean, the conference will also underline how islands are on the frontline for confronting global disruptions caused by war and climate change. It will involve an even higher number of governments’ representatives, international organizations, scientists, and companies, who will discuss the best solutions and strategies for islands and remote locations. As in 2015, the most innovative and successful initiatives will be selected for the Greening the Islands Awards by a jury of international experts.

The conferences are backed by the Greening the Islands’ Scientific Committee, which joins islands’ governments, international institutions, industry associations, media and other stakeholders, who periodically share their knowledge on technological and political developments. Furthermore, the Greening the Islands’ Newsletter and website ensure continuity and visibility to the initiatives discussed in the various conferences. The 2016 edition of “Greening the Islands” represents a unique opportunity for islands to gain additional insight on sustainability solutions, to implement them with the best possible partners and to obtain international visibility for their achievements.

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