Tesla shines in BEV heavy market in The Netherlands

The Netherlands have registered 822 plug-in passenger cars last month, down 29% Year-on-Year, dragging the Year-to-date sales to the red, now at 2.029 units, down 7% YoY.

Breaking down March sales by model, the Tesla Model S had 228 registrations last month, followed by the Nissan Leaf (152 units), with another Tesla, the Model X, closing the ranking, with 140 units.

In the Year-to-date ranking, the Tesla Model S is the 2017 undisputed leader, with 446 units, followed by the Second Placed Nissan Leaf (294 registrations), up one position, switching positions with the new #3 BMW i3, with 238 units.

The best selling plug-in hybrid (Volvo XC90 PHEV, 73 units), is only Seventh in the PEV ranking, reflecting the 180ยบ turnaround in the market, with BEVs representing 83% of all plug-in sales this year.

Reinforcing this trend, in March, while BEVs remained positive (Up 26%), plug-in hybrids were down 91%, to just 48 units, their lowest month since 2012.