Renault Zoe down, Koreans up in France

The French PEV passenger car market was down 19% Year-on-Year, having registered 1.751 units last month. Despite this stumble, the Year-to-date registrations are up 29% to 25.589 units, making this the third largest PEV market in Europe, behind Norway and the United Kingdom.

As usual, the Renault Zoe was the leader, this time with only 537 units, down 39% regarding the same month last year, no doubt influenced by consumers waiting for the upcoming 40 kWh battery version, which also explained the sales slowdown in the global PEV French market.  

In Second Place we have the Nissan Leaf (232 registrations) and the surprising Kia Soul EV reaching Third Place, with 92 units, up 42% Year-on-Year. Another Korean model shining in November was the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, delivering 87 units in its first full sales month.

On the YTD ranking there were no significant changes, with the Renault Zoe a distant First (9.495 units), followed by the Nissan Leaf (3.574) and the veteran Peugeot iOn (1.104).

As for the LCV (N1) market, sales this year are up 39%, with the Renault Kangoo ZE in its usual leading position, with 2.249 units, followed by the Ligier Pulse 4 (708 registrations) and the Peugeot Partner EV (402).