Renault Zoe Best Seller in Germany

The German PEV passenger car market had a small stumble last month, dropping 10% Year-on-Year, having registered 1.528 units in March, something that can be explained by consumers postponing their purchases to benefit from the upcoming incentives.

The Renault Zoe was the leader last month, with 221 units, followed by the Volkswagen Passat GTE (160 registrations) and the BMW i3 (159 units, 118 belonging to the Rex version).

Year to date, the Best Seller is also the Renault Zoe, with 822 units, followed by VW Golf GTE (604) and the Nissan Leaf (586), with an advance of more than 200 units. The French hatch seems poised to be ahead of the ranking in the near future, but the new incentives might change this scenery dramatically.