Renault Zoe and BMW i3 Best Sellers

The PEV passenger car market in Slovenia is up cialis 20mg 134% this year, having registered 253 units, increasing the total stock of passenger plug-ins to some 800 units.

The leadership is being disputed by the Renault Zoe (47 units) and the all-electric BMW i3 (46), with the last place of the podium going to the BMW 225xe Active Tourer (18 registrations), which is also the best-selling PHEV.

Looking at sales by technology, all-electric cars have the large majority (69% share) in this historically BEV-friendly market, with registrations up 138% in 2017, to 174 units, while PHEVs are growing at a slightly smaller rate of 126% YoY, to 79 units, representing only 31% of the whole PEV market.