Plug-in hybrids up, all-electric cars down in Ireland

Ireland has registered 638 plug-in passenger cars this year, up 23% Year-on-Year, but while BEV’s are down 16% to 372 units, PHEV´s have surged to 266 units, up from just 74 units last year.

Proof of this shift in the market, is the fact that for the first time this year, Ireland’s favorite PEV, the Nissan Leaf, wasn’t the Best Seller in September, having registered 10 units, while the surprising BMW 330e delivered 21 units.

Despite this, in the Year-to-date ranking, the Nissan Leaf is ahead with 337 units, now followed by the BMW 330e (75 units), that has surpassed Volvo XC90 PHEV (58 units, 1 registered last month) in the race for Second Place.