Over 33,000 new PEV's registered in France in 2016 of which 27.751 full electric BEV's (M1 and N1) and close to 16,000 public charging points available.

The French PEV passenger car market was up 28% in 2016, having registered 28.218 units, 21.751 of them all-electrics, making this the third largest PEV market in Europe, behind Norway and the United Kingdom, with the French market share growing to a record 1.4%.

For BEV passenger cars, France is a close second to Norway, with only 2.466 registrations less. For the total of BEV's (M1 and N1), France is the European leader, with over 27.000 units.

The electric Light Commercial Vehicles (N1 category) market ended with 5.556 units, the largest of its kind in Europe, contributing to the 33.774 PEV’s registered in France last year. 

As usual, the Renault Zoe was the leader, with 11.404 units, up 10% regarding 2015, representing 52% of the PEV passenger car market.

The Second Place went to the Nissan LEAF, with 3.887 units, up 75% Year-on-Year, mostly thanks to the new 30 kWh battery, followed by the veteran Peugeot iOn, with 1.109 units (+65%).

As for the LCV (N1) market, the 2016 registrations were up 13% to 5.556 units, with the Renault Kangoo ZE in its usual leading position, with 2.389 units (down 16%), followed by the Ligier Pulse 4, with 755 registrations (up 249%) and the Peugeot Partner EV, with 441 units (+ 212%).