Nissan Leaf #1 in Italy

The Italian PEV passenger car market is up 17% Year-on-Year, having registered 2.539 units this year, 226 of them last month.

The Nissan Leaf is the country favorite plug-in, with 392 units Year-to-date, and November was no exception, being the Best Seller last month, with 31 units, followed by the Renault Zoe (27 units) and the BMW 225xe Active Tourer (23).

The PEV Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) market is also on positive ground, up 6% this year, with Nissan being also leader in this category, with its e-NV200 van (284 registrations this year) leading the market, with a great advantage over the Second Placed Piaggio Porter EV (74 units).

Italy is the largest market in Europe for LPG and NG, both sharing the same trends according to the vehicle category, with LPG Passenger car registrations down 18% (NG cars are also down 31%), while the LPG LCV market is jumping 134%, with the NG LCV category also growing, if at a more moderate rate of 11%.