Mercedes GLC350e #1 in growing market

The PEV passenger car market in Finland is up 161% in May, having registered 217 units, with YTD registrations up 78% regarding the same period last year, now at 1.015 units.

The Mercedes GLC350e was the best-selling PEV for the fourth time in a row, with 43 deliveries, followed by the VW Passat GTE, registering 27 units, its best result this year, and the surprising BMW 530e, with 19 registrations, an impressive result considering the German model had only landed in April.

In the Year-to-date ranking, the Mercedes SUV has cemented its leadership (207 units), followed by two other German PHEVs: The Second Placed VW Passat GTE (90) and the Third Placed Audi Q7 e-Tron (44).