Hyundai Ioniq Electric challenges leader Nissan Leaf in Ireland

The PEV passenger car market in Ireland is up 20% this year, having registered 658 units, increasing the total stock of passenger plug-ins to 2.400 units.

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric (203 registrations) is only two units behind the leader Nissan Leaf (205 units), being the first model since 2012 to seriously challenge the leadership of the Japanese hatchback, winner of all Best Seller awards since 2011.

In Third Place is the BMW 330e (82 units), currently the best-selling PHEV in Ireland.

Looking at sales by technology, all-electric cars are winning ground in this historically BEV-friendly market, with registrations up 35% in 2017, to 458 units, representing only 70% of the whole PEV market.