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Thank you for visiting the European Alternative Fuels Observatory!

  • The EAFO website has gone live but is still under construction as additional FEV and data concerning hydrogen and natural gas will become available in the course of 2016.
  • Please read the sections “Vehicles, Glossary and FAQ” to get a good understanding of the data presented.
  • The EAFO website is a shared effort of the Member States, other countries and partners. If you have information to share or comments on presented data, please contact the EAFO team.
  • EAFO is a "for stakeholders by stakeholders" website and your help is welcome to make it better!

Please consider the following aspects when visiting the website:

  1. is an European Commission funded initiative which provides open and free information, amongst others to support Member States with the implementation of EU Directive 2014/94 on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure.
  2. Targeted alternative fuels are electricity, hydrogen and natural gas (both liquefied and compressed).
  3. The geographical scope consists of all EU Member States + EFTA members + Turkey (33 countries in total, “Europe” in EAFO definition).
  4. The Observatory will integrate relevant data, information, news items, newsletters and other publications.
  5. The EAFO focusses on national level data and information but will also cover specific regions and cities based on data availability.
  6. The update frequency for the statistics: monthly for passenger cars; quarterly for all other vehicles and infrastructures (if data available); legislation & incentives will be updated upon changes.
  7. News items, information on events, background information, new reports are worth a daily visit of course :)