EAFO Press Release - Europe has more than 500.000 electric vehicles on the road

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           Contact: Bert Witkamp

Europe has more than 500.000 electric vehicles on the road
June 24th, 2016 (BRUSSELS, BELGIUM) - In May 2016, the total of passenger cars (458,000), light commercial vehicles, buses and “Twizy” quadricycles on the European roads has reached the 500,000 milestone.

For the category electric passenger cars in Europe we expect the 500.000 milestone to be reached in August 2016. Electric vehicles sales in Europe in May 2016 amounted to 13.111 for passenger cars, down 16% from April 2016 but up 1% from May 2015. Sales in June are expected to rise, as it is traditionally a strong electric vehicle month.

Sales of 100% electric vehicles (5.588), like Tesla or the Nissan Leaf, are now behind those of plug-in hybrid vehicles (7.523), such as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Looking back a year ago, fully electric vehicles still had the majority of sales (53% share). This sales drop can be explained by buyers waiting for longer range versions of existing models and for upcoming new models, like the Opel Ampera-e or Second Generation Nissan Leaf.

The fully-electric Renault Zoe was the best-selling plug-in vehicle in May 2016, with 1.650 units sold, followed closely by the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (1.581) and the Nissan Leaf (1.165).
With regards to the EV Charging Infrastructure, the total of charging positions in Europe currently reaches over 80.000, of which 9.418 are Fast Charging positions.

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