Bolloré surprisingly Third in France

The French PEV passenger car market was down slightly (-6%) in October, having registered 2.173 units last month. Despite this hiccup, the Year-to-date registrations are up 34% to 23.838 units, making this the third largest PEV market in Europe, behind Norway and the United Kingdom.

There were no surprises at the top two positions, with the leader Renault Zoe scoring only 807 units, down 21% Year-on-year, followed by the usual runner-up Nissan Leaf (228 registrations) and the surprising Bolloré Blue Car (188 units), its best performance in a year.

The Year-to-date ranking is led by the Renault Zoe (8.972 units) in #1, followed from a far by the Nissan Leaf (3.342) and the Peugeot iOn (1.032).