BMW i3 profits from 33 kWh batteries in Germany

Germany has registered 3.068 new PEV passenger cars, up a significant 60% Year-on-Year, something that could be explained by the new incentives taking effect, combined with new models on the market.

The Renault Zoe is a solid leader (2.115 units YTD vs 1.178 of the Tesla Model S), but in September it was surpassed by the Kia Soul EV (418 registrations) and the BMW i3, which combining its two versions, it registered 511 units, divided by 291 BEV’s and 220 with Range Extender, a record result for the BMW product. With the particular fact that, unlike what happened in the past, when Range Extended units outsold the pure electric ones, since the 33 kWh version arrived into dealerships, the BEV version has always outsold the Range Extended one.