1-2 For Tesla in Switzerland

Switzerland has registered 671 new PEV passenger cars in September, up 41% Year-on-Year, with the 4.290 units sold so far this year representing a 6% improvement over the same period of 2015, with the Tesla Model S being the Master in Command here, with 1.083 registrations this year, enough not only to rule the local PEV market, but also to run at the same pace of its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) competitors, like the Mercedes E-Class (927 registrations this year), Audi A6 (1.080) or BMW 5-Series (1.246).

But last month the Model S was beaten by another Tesla, with the Model X registering 161 units, seven more than its older relative, which seems to indicate that the SUV will have the same degree of success as the Model S, pulling the Model X to a possible Second Place in the 2016 ranking by year end.