​​​​​​​Renault Zoe and VW Golf GTE Impress in Italy

The Italian PEV passenger car market continues on the slow lane, having registered only 167 units in June, representing a 19% drop over the same month last year.

The Nissan Leaf is Italy’s favorite EV, but it had an off month in June, having registered only 15 units. Its worst result of the year and the first time in 2016 it stayed outside the top three positions, with these positions being credited to the Renault Zoe (26 units, year best), VW Golf GTE (24 units, best result since January) and Tesla Model S (21 units).

In the Year-to-date ranking, the Nissan Leaf leads with 276 units, followed by two BMW’s, the 330e, with 203 units, and the 225xe Active Tourer, with 183.